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Additional Photographer

additional coverage
4 hours$480
5 hours$600
6 hours$720
7 hours$840
8 hours$960
9 hours$1080
10 hours$1200
11 hours$1320
12 hours$1440
13 hours$1560

Although one photographer and one assistant photographer (Alex and Emily) suffice most of the time to cover a wedding, there are situations when such a duo might not be enough to capture all the moments and details of the day. In such cases, a second photographer might be required to ensure that everything is covered.

Here are some scenarios when an additional photographer might be necessary for a wedding:

Large Weddings

If the wedding has a large number of guests or is taking place in a large venue, it can be challenging for a single photographer to cover everything. A second photographer can help capture additional angles and details that the main photographer may miss.

Multiple Locations

If the wedding day involves multiple locations, such as the bride and groom getting ready in different places or the ceremony and reception being held in different venues, a second photographer can be helpful to capture both locations simultaneously.

Complex Setups

If the wedding has complex setups such as a grand entrance or multiple stages for performances, a second photographer can help cover all angles and ensure that no moment is missed.

Time Constraints

If the wedding timeline is tight and there is a lot happening at once, a second photographer can help cover different areas and moments, ensuring that everything is captured in a timely manner.

Special Requests

If the bride and groom have special requests for photographs, a second photographer can help capture those moments without interrupting the flow of the main photographer's work.

The decision to hire an additional photographer should be made in consultation with the main photographer after considering the unique aspects of the wedding day and the desired outcome for the photographs.