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JPGs & Convenient Downloads

I want to make sure that I deliver your wedding photos in a way that is convenient and accessible to you. That's why I use an online gallery where you can view, select, and download your wedding photos. But, it's important to know that there are different types of JPG files that are available for download in your private online gallery: full-size JPG files and web-optimized JPG files.

Full-Size JPG

Full-size JPG files are the highest quality images deliverable and contain the most data and detail. These files are ideal for couples who want to create prints or other large-format products from their wedding photos. Full-size JPG files are also great for archiving and backing up your photos.

Web-Optimized JPG

On the other hand, web-optimized JPG files are compressed to a smaller size, making them ideal for sharing online or via social media. These files are smaller in size and resolution than full-size JPG files, but still retain a high level of quality and detail. Web-optimized JPG files are convenient for couples who want to quickly and easily share their wedding photos with friends and family online.

Convenient Downloads

Both full-size JPG files and web-optimized JPG files are conveniently available for download in your private online gallery. This means that couples can easily access their photos from anywhere and on any device, including smartphones and tablets. And because JPG is a universally accepted file format, couples can be confident that their photos will be viewable for years to come.

A Personal Appeal Regarding Print

As your photographer, I want you to have the best possible experience and outcome with your wedding photos. While full-size JPG files are a great option for easy downloading and viewing on various devices, purchasing prints through me will guarantee the highest quality results.

I work directly with a trusted print shop to ensure that your prints are accurate in color, sharp in detail, and durable for a lifetime. I can assist you in selecting the best print sizes and paper types for your specific needs, and offer my personalized attention to ensure that your prints are perfect.

By choosing to order prints through me, you can trust that your cherished memories will be displayed in the best possible way.