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Photo Selection and Correction

Photo Selection and Correction

After the wedding, we select and color correct the photos before delivering them. The result of which will be a collection of beautiful and timeless images that the couple can cherish for years to come.

Selection (aka. Culling)

Wedding photo culling involves selecting the best photos from the thousands of pictures taken during the wedding. We go through each image and select the ones that best capture the emotions, experience, and memories of the day. This process involves eliminating any duplicates, blurry images, closed eyes, or unflattering poses. The goal of culling is to select the best images that tell the story of the wedding day.


Correction is the process of adjusting the colors and crop in the photos to achieve the desired look and feel. This process involves adjusting the brightness, contrast, clarity, and color balance to ensure that the photos look their best. We may also adjust the exposure, white balance, and saturation to make the images look natural. Color correction is an essential step in wedding photography, as it ensures that the final images look great even when you look at them many years in the future.

What about Retouching?

Retouching involves more intensive editing techniques, including removing blemishes, wrinkles, and other imperfections from a photo, as well as adjusting skin tones and smoothing out textures. If you are interested, please see our page on retouching for more info.