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On-Location Portrait of Trevor
Shilouette Portrait at Sunset Beach
Couples Portrait at Stanley Park
Couples Portrait Photo
Couples Portrait at English Bay
Engagement Portrait in Stanley Park
Emily Portrait at VanDusen
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Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Portraits can be done either in a studio or on locations accessible to the photography team.

 Mawogan fashion design by Yao Zeus Mohammed

Studio Portraits

Studio portraits take place in a photo or film studio where aspects such as light and background can be adjusted as needed. In a studio, the photoshoot can be very controlled as light, background, makeup, dress, pose, and expression can be finely tuned for the final images.

On-Location Portraits

On-location portraits can take place anywhere outside a studio, such as in a park, on the beach, in a warehouse, at a home, etc. On-location portraits are great for including a certain environment into the background or as part of the scene, and the shoot can also be very controlled, but aspects such as changing light, weather, and location availability and accessibility will affect the shooting schedule.

Couples Portrait at English Bay

Destination Portraits

Destination portraits are photoshoots for clients who want us to meet them far away from home or even in a different country. Destination Portraits can take place anywhere, just like on-location portraits, except that they require a bit of travelling.

Types of Portraits

Couples Portrait Photo

Couples Portraits

Couples portraits sessions are a great way to immortalize and capture the celebration of an anniversary, an engagement, or any other special occasion. Couples portraits sessions can also turn into great photo albums as a keepsake and record of personal history.

Regular Headshot & Portrait

"Regular" here refers to really a decent headshot and a few good full body and medium portrait shots that suits the person well. These are great for updating your profile photos and social media pages.

Fine Art Portrait

For a more sophisticated portrait that requires more planning and preparation, maybe even some production design, reach out to us and commission us for your special fine art portrait. These type of portraits can be great for business branding, sophisticated profile photos for websites or print publications, or as gifts.

Portrait Albums and Wall Art

Portrait sessions can be displayed as printed wall art or often even as albums, depending on the session. Check out what we offer or contact us for custom inquiries regarding albums and wall art.