Getting Ready

June 6th, 2024

The 'Getting Ready' moment is a special and intimate part of any wedding day. It's a time when the couple, their families, and close friends come together to prepare for the big event. Our goal is to capture these moments to create a visual narrative that tells the story of your wedding day. The tender feelings and cherished memories captured during this time will make up the first part of your wedding album, setting the tone for the entire collection. Here, we will explain what 'Getting Ready' entails, the types of photos typically taken, and how you can prepare to ensure these memories are beautifully preserved.



What is 'Getting Ready'?

'Getting Ready' refers to the period before the wedding ceremony when the couple, their families, and attendants prepare for the big day. This may include makeup and hairstyling, dressing, and sharing special moments with loved ones. The atmosphere is usually filled with excitement, anticipation, and sometimes a touch of nervous energy.


Our Approach to 'Getting Ready' Coverage

In order to capture the full essence of the 'Getting Ready' experience, we typically begin by photographing one partner and their attendants first. This is often the partner who takes less time to get ready, allowing ample time for the other partner to complete their preparations. For example, if there is a bride and groom, we photograph the groom first, as the bride will usually take longer to get ready with makeup and hair styling. By doing so, we create a well-rounded visual story that encompasses the emotions and experiences of both partners.


Photos to Expect from 'Getting Ready' Coverage

Our 'Getting Ready' coverage focuses on capturing the couple separately with their families and attendants. Here are some of the photos you can expect:

1. First partner: Candid moments with family members and attendants. Directed portraits showcasing attire, close-up shots of details and accessories. Getting dressed, adjusting clothing, and adding final touches. Fun and light-hearted moments with attendants.

2. Second partner: Candid moments with family members and attendants. Directed portraits showcasing attire, details, and any special accessories or bouquets. Final makeup touch-ups and hair styling (if applicable). Putting on attire, often with the help of a loved one or attendant. Emotional reactions and interactions with loved ones.

3. Both: Heading out for the ceremony venue, capturing the anticipation and excitement in their expressions.


The Significance of 'Getting Ready' Portraits in Your Wedding Album

The portraits taken during the 'Getting Ready' part set the stage for your entire wedding album. These images, filled with tender emotions and intimate moments, provide a glimpse into the love and connection that surrounds the couple as they embark on their journey together. They serve as a heartfelt reminder of the love and support from family and friends on this momentous day.


How to Prepare for 'Getting Ready' Photos

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable 'Getting Ready' photo experience, we recommend the following:

1. Make sure makeup (if applicable) is almost done before the photographer arrives. This allows us to capture the final makeup touches and ensures both partners look their best in the photos.

2. Have all wedding accessories, such as jewelry, shoes, bouquets, and any special heirlooms, laid out and easily accessible for detail shots.

3. Choose a well-lit, spacious, and clutter-free area for getting ready. Natural light is ideal for creating soft and flattering images.

4. Allocate enough time for 'Getting Ready' photos, considering the size of your wedding party and any specific shots you'd like to have. This will ensure that the photography session doesn't feel rushed and that every important moment is captured.

5. Communicate any special moments or traditions you'd like to be captured with your photographer ahead of time. This will help us understand your expectations and ensure that we don't miss any significant moments.


'Getting Ready' is a cherished part of any wedding day, filled with love, laughter, and anticipation. By understanding its significance, knowing what photos to expect, and being well-prepared, you can ensure these precious memories are artfully captured and preserved for a lifetime. As your wedding photographer, we are committed to telling your unique story and creating a stunning visual narrative that you will treasure forever. The 'Getting Ready' portraits, as the first part of your wedding album, will serve as a beautiful reminder of the love, joy, and excitement that surrounded you and your partner on your special day. We celebrate the love between all couples and capture the essence of their bond as they embark on a new chapter together.