David and Julie | Edmonton Winter Wedding

December 17th, 2022

Photographing Dave and Julie’s wedding was an absolute joy, despite the nearly -30°C weather in Edmonton that day. The couple chose the Muttart Conservatory as their venue, a perfect choice that mirrored their unique personalities and love for nature. With Christmas 2022 adding a festive touch, the setting was simply magical.


The bitter cold made it unsafe to take formal photos outdoors, but the Muttart Conservatory provided a warm and beautiful refuge. The conservatory, adorned with twinkling lights and vibrant poinsettias, created a stunning backdrop for the couple's vows and our indoor photo sessions.


Dave and Julie had a special story to tell, one I aimed to capture in every shot. From their nervous smiles during preparations to the tears of joy at their ‘I dos,’ my goal was to reflect their genuine emotions and the strong bond they share.


The festive atmosphere of Christmas added an extra layer of magic. The way Dave’s eyes lit up when he saw Julie walking down the aisle, the laughter shared among friends during the reception, and the quiet moments of reflection—these were the moments that made their wedding unique and deeply meaningful.


Throughout the day, I focused on documenting both the small, intimate moments and the grand, festive ones. Each glance, each laugh, and each quiet pause contributed to the beautiful celebration of Dave and Julie’s love.


In the end, Dave and Julie’s wedding at the Muttart Conservatory was a stunning celebration of their love. It was an honor to be the one behind the lens, capturing memories they will cherish for years to come.